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6 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Home

We all want to get in shape but sometimes life just gets in our way, whether it is family, work or friend. There are so many roadblocks in our fitness goal. The best thing is that doing small changes in your routine work , you will get your time for your own fitness. Here are 7 practices to try to burn your calories without too much effort:

  1. Turn Waiting Time Into A Workout

    Have you ever counted all the free minutes in your entire day. You will find that there is plenty of free time to workout.

    You will find time when you are in line and cooking . Instead of waiting, do some pushups, squats, lunges which is better according that time.

  2. Take The Long Way

    We always find easy and short ways to get our destination, but if we can slightly change our way, we can burn some extra calories in a day.

    You have probably already been told to park far away when you go out for shopping so as to get those extra steps every day, but what about getting off of the elevator a level or two early and walking the rest of the way, using the restroom that  is furthest from your desk, or getting off the bus or subway one stop early? Time might not always permit this, but taking the long way is not always the wrong way when it comes to burning a few extra calories.

  3. Don’t Just Walk Up The Stairs

    Stairs are best way to burn a lot of calories fast. We all have stairs in our home, take it as a opportunity to get a quick workout every time you use it. You will do some pushups or run on the stairs. I like to even run in place on each step for 5 or so seconds, jump to the next step, and then repeat.

  4. Take Advantage Of Commercials

    Watching television is not a good calorie burner but using the commercials as your opportunity to get up and be active is a good way to burn calories. This can be something as simple as getting up and doing a quick chore, running up and down the stairs, or getting on the floor and working on your six pack ; just as long as you make it a point to get up off of the couch for every commercial!

  5. Workout While Working

    Do some multi tasking work. All that time we spend flossing our teeth. Women have more time as drying hair and apply lotions and cream could be used to strengthen your lower body with wall squats, calf raises, or butt squeezes.

  6. Upbeat Music

    Music that set your mood gives you little extra boost to work. Listening to fast music will move you a bit quicker, which means burning more calories. So be specific to your music choices if you want some extra work.