India’s First Entry in 24 Hour World Championship

The 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships and WMA 24 Hour World Championships will be held on 01 July 2017, at Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Athletics Federation of India has set out the criteria for selecting athletes to represent India at the 12th IAU 24 Hour World Championships and WMA 24 Hour World Championships.

This is the first time that India will be represented at the 24-Hour World Championships.


The Course

The course is a 1653 meter, 4-meter-wide, exposed concrete surface, loop at Victoria Park, Belfast, Ireland. The race will start at 1200 hours on 01 Jul 17 and end on 02 Jul 17 at 1200 hours, and will be run anti clock wise with no change in direction. Details are given in the General Information Sheet (GIS) on the IAU website (


Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will be based on the demonstrated performance of Athletes during races of 160 km and above or/and 24 Hour and above.

  • Should be Citizen of India and should not have represented any other country.
  • Should be an active Ultra runner who has mandatorily participated in Ultra races during the last one year from 01 Mar 2016 to 28 Feb 2017.
  • Should have participated in races involving distances of 160 km and more OR should have run a race of 24 Hours or more during the period of two years from 01 Mar 2015 to 28 Feb 2017
  • Participation in races less than 160 km or less than 24 Hour WILL NOT be considered. Participation in events, which is not a race, WILL NOT be considered.


Check out more details here.