Monthly Archives: February 2018

women running + nutrition offer

Running is one of the best and simple exercises that offer a slew of benefits. From aesthetics advantages to mental perks, there are many obvious reasons that running is a killer workout. For women, it addresses the common fitness goals…

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swimming goggles

There is an ever increasing need for the perfect pool experience and swimming goggles are designed to give you just that. Of all the swimming accessories, swimming goggles are one such accessory that you can’t do without. A good pair…

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breathing techniques

Did you know, that an average person breathes approximately 13 pints of air every minute? Breathing – a term that is synonymous to life, isn’t it? A sign of a baby being born, and the absence of which, marks the…

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running shoes for men

In today’s fast pace world, maintaining a good health is very important. Various health associations recommend a routine that accommodates healthy food and exercise. Talking about exercises, running is one of the most common of them and comes to our…

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swimming classes in kolkata

Swimming is one of the multifaceted fitness activities, more than a sport. While learning to swim is quite a pleasurable activity, the benefits reward throughout the life, from childhood to adulthood. In addition, it is an important life skill and…

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