20 Challenges to Take Up as Next Year Resolutions

Being fit is not the destination my friend, it is a way of life. If God had to actually keep a tab on all those New Year resolutions that included staying fit and hitting the gym and then those that break their New Year resolutions as quickly as they make it, we are all up for some serious offence peeps!

If you are running out of that ‘motivational factor’ to hit the gym, then who said you cannot get fit by not hitting the gym? Oh yes, you have read it absolutely right folks, because today we bring to you the best 20 challenges to take up as your 2018 New Year resolution. We bet, these things are surely going to get you that adrenaline rush while it pushes your body an extra mile towards fitness. Ready for the ride?

*Pro tip: you might want to sit with a paper and pen because you might just want to make notes of all those things that you are definitely going to inculcate as your new resolutions –

Challenge #1: Running a Marathon

Running a Marathon: new year resolution

If you are just scared of taking this up as a complete challenge, we would suggest you should start off with half marathon, and when you get a good glimpse of your strength, you can opt for the full marathons that happen in different cities at different times.

Sticking to the challenge: If you wish to take part in those professional marathons, you will require a minimum of 8 weeks training on cardio and your trainer will give you a full training schedule. Stick to the schedule. Few pro-tips:

  • Increase the mileage slowly (not more than by 10% in a week) to avoid injury
  • Register for an event to stay committed. Check out detailed race calendar here.  
  • Tag along with someone or join a running group to have more fun

Why take up this challenge: It brings in increased cardiovascular capacity and it aids quickly in weight loss calorie burning. You can check out the other benefits here.

Get more guidance here.

Challenge #2: Go to 4000 M Trek

Trekking: new year resolution

If you are looking at something adventurous yet challenging, then trekking is the best option. It brings in overall fitness and you may not believe it, but the fact is that it also helps you to reduce mental stress while you are in this challenge.

Sticking to the challenge: Don’t worry about the city and country you live in. There are tons of companies and online websites that provide you with the best trekking options. The best way to stick to this challenge will be to pay up for one of these trekking expeditions, gather your troop along and get going. Try to do this once in three months for best results. Check out this trek community for details.

Why take up this challenge: This challenge is going to help you to get the best cardiovascular fitness along with bringing in a lot of social benefits too and what more, you can explore nature and wildlife too!

Challenge #3: Go for 500 KM road trip

road trip: new year resolution

Wondering what, why and where? Well, head out anywhere. The trick here is that though you will have a vehicle on this road trip, most of the trip will be taken either by you and your friends jogging or running. You will take help of the car, only when you have walked or ran enough, for time being! Or, you can take the normal road trip, while you carry some basic fitness equipment with you.

Sticking to this challenge: Try to club this challenge with your best buddies, so that the motivation stays on. If you choose option 2, where you are carrying the fitness equipment with you, you will use them in your rest breaks. Take those Yoga mats out and do some high-intensity quick workouts like burpees and pistol squats. Check out this list of 50 amazing road trips suggestions and get started with one.

Why take up this challenge: Well C’mon! Who does not want a fun to work out? Is there any better way than this?

Challenge #4: Go for 100 Km bike ride

100 Km bike ride: new year resolution

Don’t think the above challenge is quite a motivation? Well, then modify it to a bike ride. Take up those cycles that are fit to drive long roads and get going. Challenge your friends for whose going to reach the destination fastest.

Sticking to this challenge: There are tons of bike renting companies that will not only give you the bike on rent but will also help you plan your schedule properly. You may tend to dehydrate with a lot of biking, so these companies will plan our meal accordingly too. Check out this blog for cycling tips to get started.

Why take this challenge: Did you know that biking at least 10mph will help you burn 90 calories in one go? And what more, 10mph biking does not take more than 20 minutes!

Challenge #5: Party at the hill-top

Party at the hill-top: new year resolution

Oh yeah! I am sure you can surely do this. Now, where is the fitness part here? Well, it lies in reaching the destination my friends! Yes… You are getting what I am saying – you will have to physically climb up the hilltop if you ever want to reach the destination. So plan the party accordingly. You can rent a car with a driver that will help you to take all the party stuff up, while you slowly climb up the destination.

Check out here the top 40 hill stations in India.

Challenge #6: Go for rafting

rafting: new year resolution

If you are not scared of water, then this challenge shall surely be up your list. You can challenge your friends for a river rafting competition – this will increase your rafting speed, and you can burn more calories

Sticking to this challenge: Like all other adventure sports, this sport also has tons of companies that will provide you with a complete plan for when and how to opt for this sport. Or if you do not want to sign up for these companies, then simply head out to those places where rafting is organized and instantly register. Take this up once in 2 months for best results.

Why take this challenge: You spend just 10 minutes of extensive river rafting and you can burn up to 68 calories! Need more motivation to do this?

Challenge #7: Bungee jumping

bungee jumping: new year resolution

If you thought bungee jumping was just another adventure sport, then think twice my friends. This sport not only kills your fear of height, but it also has a lot of health benefits. It makes your body jump, which helps you to burn calories quicker than you might think of.

Sticking to this challenge: Compete with your friend to create records of highest jumping. Or sign up for a course of bungee jumping that will serve two purposes – at the end of the course, you will be a certified bungee jumper with your fitness goals in place.

Challenge #8: Skate for 30 minutes

skate board: new year resolution

Yes, skating brings in a complete aerobic workout and hence is one of our top 20 challenges to take up for complete fitness goals. Sign up for skating classes. While you learn and excel in this unique sport, you are also forcing your body to get fit.

Sticking to this challenge: Once you and your friends are expert skaters, take a race down a fixed track. Do this over every weekend to be able to stick to this challenge. The losing party will treat the winning party.

Why take up this challenge: This activity helps your heart to pump blood at a normal rate, burns fat around unwanted areas and helps in calorie reduction. What more, it also helps in strengthening your legs and thighs.

Challenge #9: Earn a brown belt

brown belt in karate: new year resolution

Yes, you got it right! Hit the martial arts ring or the karate sport, be it any sport that can get you a brown belt. All these sports have extensive workout sessions before and after the main practice, which itself involves loads of exercises to the body. Just be regular to these classes and you will see your fat burning significantly along with strengthening your defence skills.

Challenge #10: Hold plank for 5 minutes

hold plank 5 min: new year resolution

If you are looking towards a workout that not only burns those extra pounds from your waistline and stomach but also helps you bring in a lot of core strength, then this is it! To start off, 5 minutes is going to seem like a dream, but eventually, you will reach a stage where 5 minutes is like nothing. You have to do this every day, without any miss to reach the challenge of being able to hold a plank for 5 minutes straight.

Challenge #11: Swim non-stop 100

swimming: new year resolution

Did you know that one hour of continuous swimming can burn calories that you otherwise would burn after a 1 and half hour workout in the gym? Plus, swimming is always fun and refreshing. To be able to sustain this challenge, go for this activity with your partner and challenge them to complete a lapse before them.

Get more guidance here.

Challenge #12: Participate in Duathlon

A duathlon consist of a running activity followed by cycling leg and then another round of running. This is one of the best ways to achieve those fitness goals that you have made up for yourself. You should participate in these challenges thrice every month to get the best benefits. Challenge your friend to complete this before you, or make them your partner in this and win it together!

Challenge #13: Participate in Triathlon


This is an advanced version of duathlon. It brings in multi-stage competitions. It usually brings in swimming, bike riding and then the final stage as running. You can participate in this alone or pair up with your friend to win this challenge together.

Challenge #14: Participate in obstacle race

obstacle race: new year resolution

Not very keen on normal running and biking? Then participate in the obstacle races that happen mostly on weekends sponsored by various event organizers. To be able to participate in these events, sign up with those event organizers so that you receive regular communications.

Challenge #15: Horse riding for 10 KM

horse ridding: new year resolution

You will want to take this up immediately when you know that riding a horse for 45 minutes can help you burn up to 200 calories! Yes, that is right. So, sign up for a horse riding club today and go to this place every day after your work. You will see reduced mental stress as well.

Challenge #16: Run 5 KM barefoot

Barefoot run: new year resolution

You can do this at any time of the day that suits you well based on your schedule, though the best time to do it is in the mornings because the fresh air that you get in the morning is incomparable.

Sticking to this challenge: Buy a smartwatch or a fit bid that will help you track your steps and kilometres that you have covered. Challenge your friends and family members into completing this challenge every day.

Challenge #17: Paragliding for 2 hr

Paragliding: new year resolution

Wondering how this qualifies as a challenge to be fit? This helps in burning calories due to the heavy adrenaline rush that your body experiences. About one hour of paragliding can help you burn approximately 230 calories.

Sticking to this challenge: Go with your friends to every place possible that offers this, and beat them by the height and time you take to complete it.

Challenge #18: Go for scuba diving

scuba diving: new year resolution

Since this involves quite a lot of swimming and your body needs to exert an extra amount of pressure to be able to stay underwater and move forward, this activity can help you burn about 600 calories in one hour – the same calorie burn that one hour of jogging gives you.

Challenge #19: Go for skydiving

skydiving: new year resolution

If you dive from a height of 65 inches, you can burn up to 144 calories per hour. Depending on how much of challenge you can take up, get going and skydive to experience another adventure altogether with some fitness goals achieved.

Challenge #20: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 days fitness challenge: new year resolution

Last but not the least. Take help from apps like a workout at home, 30-day fitness challenge workout, 30-day fitness challenge Pro, 30 days fitness challenges to be able to input your goals and then follow the instructions to get fit and into shape in just 30 days! Just keep following the app and continue to do that and you will be able to stay fit and live up to your challenge!