15 Effortless Cooking Hacks To Lose Weight

Switch to a healthier heart friendly oil. Go low on oil. Opt for boiled or baked foods. Yes, you have heard them all but did you know that simple changes in cooking habits can help you lose weight? Here are some slim tips to help you lose those excess kilos by just modifying your kitchen style.

1. Wash Well

slim tips #1

This is perhaps the first and most important thing to remember. The veggies and fruits are contaminated as some such as potatoes,radish,carrots etc grow underground and are in direct contact with the soil bacteria while some are sprayed with pesticides when they lay on the shelves in the grocery store, so in short they are all a pool of bacteria and toxins that need to removed. Wash your raw ingredients such as veggies with water for at least 30 secs. This will rid them of the layer of pesticides and other unwanted matters plus allowing for better absorption and retention of nutrients.

2. Cut into larger pieces

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This is one of the slim tips which is generally ignored as people ignore the size of the vegetables. Do not chop veggies or meat in very small cubes as it would increase the surface area and facilitate absorption of excess oil. Dice veggies into at least 1 inch thick pieces for better taste and healthier cooking. This insures that all the nutrition reaches you despite the fact that it might take a little longer for them to cook.This affects fruits much worse than vegetables. The FDA published a report that cut or peeled fruits will lose half their vitamin C content in some time.

3. Use Microwave for Steaming

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The longer you cook at a high heat, the more nutrients you lose from your food. Use the microwave to steam vegetables to reduce the cooking time at high heat. It has been found that foods such as broccoli retains 30 percent more fiber when steamed in a microwave.Cooking with a microwave does a better job of preserving vitamin C and other nutrients that break down when heated. So if someone is under the assumption that cooking in a microwave is not healthy then its time for them to shift to a more convenient, quick and healthy cooking lifestyle.

4. Cook Foods with Skins

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We tend to peel the skin off vegetables such as potatoes before cooking and thus throw away the most nutritious part of the food. Keep the skin on when cooking tomatoes, potatoes, apples, mangoes, spinach, papaya and apricots. One of the slim tips that can actually make your food taste better.Not all vegetables need to be peeled as these have a lot of nutrition such as iron, potassium, niacin which are extremely beneficial to us in terms of carrying out chemical reactions, boosting our metabolism, supporting red blood cells in executing their functions, and help break down nutrients into usable fuel.

5. Avoid Overcooking Pasta or Noodles

slim tips #5

A common pitfall is to boil the pasta or noodles till it gets soft enough or looks cooked. Overcooking pasta or noodles makes it lose all of its fiber content thus allowing the body to convert the carbs to energy way too fast. Always check the label for cooking instructions for pasta and noodles before setting them on a boil.Cooking them for a longer period reduces the fibre content. Overcooked pasta is lower in B vitamins, such as vitamins B-1 and B-5, as well as amino acids. Hence avoid excessive boiling as vitamin B helps our body produce energy and amino acids help body make and use the proteins properly.

6. Use Absorbent Tissue

slim tips #6

Keep a roll of absorbent tissue handy in your kitchen. Wipe off the excess oil from your sauteed or deep fried foods by laying them on a plate lined with absorbent tissue. Leave the food standing on it for a couple of minutes and you would be surprised at the amount of oil absorbed on the paper that otherwise would have found a way into your heart.

7. No Veggies on the Side

slim tips #7

Instead of serving veggies on the side that kids usually poke around with but never eat, use the nice little trick to include them in the recipe. Stir fries and curries are a great way to include both meats and veggies at the same time.Cooked vegetables also adds taste to the food and are much more delicious as compared to eating them raw.

8. Use Ready made Sauce with Caution

slim tips #8

Ready to use sauces may be good for the taste buds but are often high on sodium content. Check the label for ingredients before you add a particular sauce to your recipe.You can also make your own sauces which are much more healthy and devoid of any kind of preservatives and excessive oils. All you need to do is make it at the time of use and these can also be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

9. Roast Or Bake

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Avoid oil as much as you can and discover new tastes with roasting or baking. Potatoes are delicious when roasted and so is chicken. Minus the oil, they are a great healthier alternative to their fried counterparts. Baking also makes veggies crispy which adds another ‘wow’ factor to the dish. You can also opt to choose low cholesterol butter when baking vegetables.

10. Use a grill for cooking meats

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Always use a grill when cooking meat to allow the fat to drip off the meat. This allows the meats to retain the flavor but not the damaging fat content in it. It also ensures that the meat is cooked properly and the desired nutrients remain in the dish flushing out the unwanted fat from it.

11. Poach Fish

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The usual method for cooking fish is to fry it first. However, poached fish tastes just as great and it cuts down on the time and effort of frying it first. Not to mention that it’s healthier without the oil absorbed in the fish when fried. Adopt a few slim tips with these being one of them to keep oil away from your heart.

12. Egg Whites Only

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Avoid the yolk of the eggs as they are high on fat and cholesterol. Instead use the egg whites or albumin only. Add herbs to your egg white omelette for extra taste.The egg whites contain both micro and macro nutrients.A 100-gram serving of egg whites, which is about three large egg whites, provides 52 calories, 11 grams of protein, 0.7 gram of carbohydrates and 0.2 gram of fat. They are cholesterol and sugar free hence the perfect choice of healthy food intake.

13. Add Oil to Rice

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Surprised? One of the best healthy cooking tips as studies have found that adding a few drops of oil to boiling rice increases the value of its resistant starch by 10 times which ultimately slows down its rapid digestion.

14. Freeze your Berries

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A great way to preserve berries is to put them in a zip lock bag and put them in your freezer. Add them to your cornflakes, cereals or oatmeal as you like.This acts as a natural preservative as we just store them in cool conditions.

15. Shop Fresh

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Your healthy cooking and series of slim tips is not complete unless you shop for fresh produce from the market. Fresh foods have great taste and good nutrient value that will help you to stay healthy. Do not refrigerate fruits or vegetables for more than a week before consumption.Eating fresh vegetables automatically insures that you get 10-20% more fiber in your diet, all nutrients are only available in their natural form, you will be consuming a lot less sugar, it will contain less sugar and salt levels and lastly you won’t be consuming much sodium.This is one of the best slim tips, so stick to buying and consuming only fresh fruits and vegetables.