100 Runners Program – Launch in Rohini and Dwarka

After huge success of the program in Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad and South Delhi, we are lunching the program in Rohini and Dwarka.

We have special discount for first 30 signups, so hurry up.


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Complete transformation of 100 Runners (anyone from beginner to advance)

  • We are committed to revolutionise the running training program in a total scientific way.
  • Adding value to every km of your running.
  • Making you fit, healthier, confident and an efficient Runner starting from whatever level you are currently.

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How are we doing it?

  • Enrolling 100 Runners from Delhi/NCR.
  • Customizing Program for every individual separately as per their personal goals
  • Work on the holistic and scientific way of training the runners.
  • Understanding the goal of every individual and plan out the expectations in the beginning of the plan.
  • Assigning one to one Coach dedicated to bring results and transforming runners in all aspects.
  • Using latest scientific and structured ways of coaching to keep runners injury free and improving their running habits by analysing all their biometrics.

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Project Leader

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What can you expect from your coaches?

100 runner transformation program

“Coaching is releasing a person’s potential to maximize their own performance”  Sir John Whitmore

  • One to One interaction between each runner and Coach.
  • Everyday workout plan updates according to your progress.
  • Weekly goal setting and discussion for next week.
  • Setting up the race schedule for complete  duration of the program.
  • Four on-ground training sessions every month.
  • Guidance about injuries/ strain prevention and solving all your queries about your running and fitness.
  • Monthly Report on your biometric parameters showing the improvement in numbers.

Your Monthly Scientific Analysis

  • Gait Analysis to suggest you the right shoes.
  • Scientific Slow Motion Running Video Analysis.
  • Complete Running posture Analysis.
  • Cadence Rate and Stride strength analysis.
  • Heart Rate and Threshold data analysis.
  • Speed and Stamina Analysis.
  • Body Strength Analysis.

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What can you expect from this project?

  • Staying healthy, motivated, full of energy and with an aim to look forward to.
  • Your complete Transformation as a Runner.
  • Realising your true fitness potential and getting in best shape.
  • Understanding the value of every km you run (no junk miles).
  • Meeting your individual goals.
  • Improvement in the endurance (distance), speed, running style and personal confidence
  • Complete knowledge about your own running biomechanics, strengths and weaknesses.


Duration of program- 3 months and 6 months.


  • Dwarka – Sector 11, DDA Park
  • Rohini – Rohini Sports Complex, Sector 14


  • INR 5,999/- only for 3 months inclusive of service tax

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  • INR 9,999/- only for 6 months inclusive of service tax

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For any questions or request reach out to us- contact@getfitso.com

Example: Analysis done on one frame

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Tentative Schedule of Outdoor classes:

Timing 6:30 AM – 8:00 AM (if there is any change in schedule, it will be communicated to all the runners of that zone well in advance.

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