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10 Ways To Achieve Fast Fat-Loss & Muscle Gain!

To gain and lose simultaneously is in itself a paradox. Losing fat and gaining muscle is what most of the fitness buffs hanker for. But yeah, gaining muscle and losing fat isn’t as simple as it is to write. However, it’s not a pipedream too. Disciplined and staunch attitude towards your fitness regime does make so achievable.

How actually do we pile up muscle in our body?

Muscles bodybuilders flaunt are nothing but a well-sculptured protein mass. Our body cells are self-designed to both synthesize and degrade proteins. It is an amalgamation of these mechanisms which assists muscles to grow and strengthen. Any average person, if not working out, doesn’t tend to gain muscle fibers. It is rigorous training which they subject themselves to incur damages to the cells in the muscle fibers which in turn cues brain to fabricate more proteins and amend the damages caused. As you keep working out, your body, owing to its healthy reflex, keeps adding muscle fiber and this is how muscles get bigger and stronger.


Here are the ways to locomote closer and closer to your holy grail

  1. Stick to 50-40-10 rule of calories

Have you been eating one or two large meals? Stop doing it right away. It is advised to be a frequent eater. As a frequent eater engage themselves in five to six small meals, their body by default tends to burn off calories faster and effectively. On the other hand, larger meals dampen the metabolism of your body. And make sure to follow 50-40-10 rule. That is, 50 & of your calories should have the source as proteins, 40 % from carbs and 10 % from fats. Higher protein amount ensures good muscles.

  1. Be a water maniac

A day without a gallon of water is a day more away from your goal. So, more you neglect water more distant do you find yourself from a pronouncing body. The significance of water can’t be summed up in a few words. Only know that it is mandatory for fitness practitioners.

  1. Practice cardiovascular exercises religiously

Intense cardio is the ultra-effective way to burn off calories. None of the other ways can beat the extraordinariness of cardiovascular exercises. Every time you engage yourself in thirty-minute cardio, do keep a room for 10 minutes (5 minutes each) for both warm-up and cool-up sessions. No walk, unless you walk for 10 miles, can get your body rid of calories as rapidly and effectively as cardio. Vigorous cardio may discomfort you slightly with huffs and puffs, but you know what, it is in the glory of results which makes every shred of strain worth.

  1. Binge on spicy foods and green tea

You must be astonished by the fact that how on the earth can spicy food shake off fat from your body. Let us cut to the chase and know that our body is made up of two types of fat; white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue (abundant in babies while scarce in adults). As researched, brown fat is not condemned to be detrimental for our health, unlike the white fat deposited around your belly. Brown fat is claimed to be thermogenic, that is, it generates heat by burning off calories. By this, whenever exposed to cold, brown fat gears up to produce heat which is analogous to burning calories. Obviously, we can’t afford to frost ourselves 24*7 to enjoy the perks of brown fat. Scientists inferred that spicy ingredients like chili peppers render the same provocative effect on brown fat as that ‘cold’ does. Green tea too follows the same pathway and triggers brown fat to spend unwanted calories from your body.


  1. Do intense weight training unfailingly

Weight training is an investment you do today to reap benefits tomorrow. Weight training prepares your body to burn fat tomorrow, not today. This is because as you work out, you keep on accumulating more muscle fibres which in turn requires your body to expend more energy for the maintenance of muscles. Hence, more muscles you build up, more calories are lost.

  1. Do not cut down on sleeping hours

It’s scientifically proven that deprived sleep worsens your hunger pangs, misguiding you to gloat over food. Also, there’s a significant drop in growth hormone which is actually pivotal for maintaining muscle mass.

  1. Implement a calorie-deficit diet

Putting yourself in a calorie deficit, not too large a deficit though but moderate is a proven formula for burning fats. Stay high on protein intake and keep yourself moderately calorie deficit. You will definitely be the benefactor of those unwanted fats.

  1. Try occasional sauna

Heat therapy or sauna helps to maintain heat-driven proteins which otherwise, at sedentariness, isn’t activated. Since muscle is nothing but a bundle of proteins. More efficient you are in maintain it, better you gain it.

  1. Regulate your carbohydrate intake

You are neither required to go too high on carbs nor too meager on it. Carbs have both the property to do both good and bad to us. Like, it aids muscle and on the contrary, it also converts carbs into fats.

  1. Do not deviate around from bull’s eye

Having read the above nine ways and not putting them into use is rather worse than not reading it. So, do the above as faithfully as you brush your teeth.