10 Thrilling Adventure Sports in Goa

Like we all know, Goa is synonymous to fun, friends and an escapade. Lifetime of memories is created during these trips with friends. Goa, a place where you can let go of all the worries of the world and amuse yourself with all the potential and promising events ahead of you. Make it an experience where you can unwind yourself and discover the true adventurer you are.  So promise yourself that this time, you will go for some stern and wild adventure sports in Goa. Here are a few Goa adventure sports which the explorer you would find them irresistible.

  1. Be the Parasailing King: Touch the clouds with this thrilling sport where you are practically flying in the air.
    parasailing in goa
  • How it Works:

The speedboat will be attached with a parasailing and a rope of about 300-400 feet. On another end, there is a parachute and you are strappingly attached with it. As soon as the boat starts, the parachute glides with it and you are sailing the sky. As soon as the boat takes up a speed, you have to balance yourself with the parachute above and move smoothly accordingly.

  • Beach:

Arjuna Beach and Vagator Beach

  1. Ride the Hot Air Balloon: This fantastic sport is unbeaten since decades. For several years, Hollywood has taken this sport’s help for shooting very special scenes which need panoramic views.
    hot air sports in goa
  • How it Works:

The hot air balloon works like a charm on a peaceful day. One can see the entire Goa once it reaches the peak. The hot air pushes the balloon to fly upwards steadily. The heat supplier will be controlled by a porter who will guide you while you are viewing the beautiful landscape.

  1. Pump it with Speed Boating: You get hold of an adrenaline rush of your lifetime when you jump into these bad boys.
    speed boating sports in goa
  • How it Works:

A speed boats works like any boat but with a powerful engine which can go as fast as a Porsche. If you are new at this, it will be better and wiser to take an instructor with you. These kinds of speedy Goa adventure sports can be dangerous if poorly handled. You would feel tingly in your stomach after getting down the motor boat as it will take up all your blood to your head out of ecstasy.

  • Beach:

Baina Beach.

  1. Be a Jet Skier: the manoeuvring of a jet ski is tough, but if you can handle it once, you can never let it go.
    jet skiing in goa
  • How it Works:

This heavy boat can be choreographed by a muscular person who can easily twist and turn the weighty boat. The reason why it needs a well built person is that the boat is cutting through water at high speeds. A person who is not skilled enough to handle this boat should not take the jeopardy to drive it.

  • Beach:

Vagato Beach, Baga Beach and Candolim Beach.

  1. Be a Scuba Diver: Scuba diving is the most overwhelming experience that you can have. The getting to know the exquisite marine life and its ecosystem will be one of the finest adventure sports in Goa.scuba diving sports in goa
  • How it works:

The best way to find out how scuba diving works is to read the manual or better take a course itself. An instructor will evidently be observing you at all times during the procedure. However, don’t try to mess with the marine creatures and delicate coral reefs, because they are very fragile.

  • Beach:

Pigeon Island, Devagh Island and Grande Island

  1. Ride an All Terrain Vehicle: This vehicle has been the dream for many kids. This vehicle runs in muddy, mud covered and desert areas.
    terrain vehicle in goa
  • How it works:

This vehicle runs in all kinds of terrains. Hence the name is given as ‘All terrain vehicles’. In Goa, one should experience riding this vehicle because this sport is a must try for all the explorers who are out for an escapade filled with excitement.

  1. Be the wind Surfer: have you ever wondered the difference between surfing and sailing? Perhaps this adventure sport will clarify your doubts.
    wind surfer sports in goa
  • How it works: All you need to do is balance the surfer among the waves and feel the adrenaline rush to your brains as the thrill of it will make you want to live more. The key is balancing, hence you have to first master the art of balancing the surfer in vigorous waves, only then will you be able to understand the sport.
  • Beach:

Dona Paula

  1. Be a Water Zorber: this is the safest sport for adventure. Even a child can enjoy this sport.
    water zorbing sports in goa
  • How it works:

You will be inside a large PVC ball which is transparent and the ball will be attached with a rope to a motor boat or a speedboat and you will be dragged along as soon as the boat starts moving.

  1. Water Rafting:

This sport is all about teamwork and experience. This sport requires a lot of enthusiasm and stamina for thrill.
water rafting in goa

  • How it Works:

The route for rafting will be rough and patchy and thus it will be disruptive in nature which will need your absolute presence of mind. The navigation skills and teamwork will guide you through the currents and waves. The course will be similar but the behaviour of the waves will not be the same. Hence be prepared for some thrilling escapades in the water.

  1. Be A Water Skier: This can be a bit daunting for a new comer in terms of adventure sports in Goa. However, no one can stop you if you love thrill and ecstasy. As the name suggests, you get to slide in the water in high speeds.
    water skiing sports in goa
  • How it works:

The speedboat will be attached with a pair of ski via a rope. As soon as the speedboat touches a particular speed, you have to carefully balance yourself on the skis and tread in the water. This is exciting because it has speed and swiftness.

  • Beach:

Utorda Beach, Arossim Beach, Mobor Beach and Candolim Beach.