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10 Teenage Diet Tips for Weight Loss

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Keeping your weight in check is positively important among teens for many reasons. Onset of obesity when you’re in your teens pose a higher risk of persisting and a lot of other health problems later on. Also, an unhealthy body image while you are in your teens could reflect an unhealthy mental picture. This could lead on to depression and other major symptoms. Now exercise could be very easy and fun while you are a teenager. This could be because your body’s metabolism is working fine or because the adrenaline rush is just maybe what you needed. Also, apart from weight loss, exercise has other benefits as well. Seeing that your hormones are going bizarre and your life seems like a mess, exercise could actually make you happier and more relaxed. And just exercise is not going to do you any good. You need to eat right. So, it’s time to say no to those cheeseburgers and fried chicken nights. Here are a few diet tips to get you right on track!

Cut the sugar:

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Yes you have all heard this one and it is near impossible for a growing teen. But what you fail to understand is the major role that sugar plays in increasing your weight. And sugar doesn’t mean just sugar. It covers all the unhealthy carbs as well. So by now you think that this is probably a bad idea but wait! You have a lot of alternatives here that you can take up which are just as tasty. For example, instead of a helping of white grain cereal in the morning, you can opt for a delicious boiled egg sandwich with brown bread and veggies. Other sugary items to avoid would be white rice, white or refined wheat flour, pasta and excess chocolate. So ease up on the pastries, pizzas and tubs of ice cream that you love to gorge on. Sugar and carbs just go on to get turned into fat.

Never skip breakfast!

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You have probably heard this a lot and have wondered if there’s any truth to this. Well there is plenty. Here is what happens when you skip breakfast. Your body brings its guard up. It starts building up fat reserves because it thinks the body is being starved. Also it might even induce acidity. But when you actually do have breakfast, you tend to eat lesser at lunch and you also don’t find yourself snacking all day. But have a healthy meal at breakfast. Greek yoghurt or boiled eggs, something to boost up your energy but also something that doesn’t get the fat resting around your hips.

Drink Water!

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Water could go a long way to bringing your weight down. And as you must know water does a lot of good to the body. Firstly, it speeds up your metabolism. Water gets your digestive system running, your excretory system working and increases flushes out toxins from the body. Drinking water could actually bring the calories burnt to a high, studies show. Okay, so another thing associated with water is that many teenagers associate thirst to hunger and go on eating binges. So keep your bottle beside you at all times. It is advisable to drink a minimum of three liters of water per day. Also, drink a glass of water before every meal to make sure you keep your eating quantity in check.

Be a fiber foodie:

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High fiber food or food with high roughage content are immensely good for health. Spinach, rye loafs, lentils, bananas and most fruits come under this. Food with high roughage content tend to fill your stomach but refrain from settling fat in your body. It also keeps your metabolism up. Fiber isn’t digested by your body like the other carbohydrates and fats. It passes through the stomach, intestine and colon. This also keeps blood sugar levels in check, and are energy dense which means they have lower calories for larger quantities of food.

Eat light at night!

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Studies have proven this point a hundred times over. A low calorie meal at night could do miracles to lower your weight. The fact is that the more fat that you eat at night, the more it stores in your body. It is the same with carbs. So stick to a light salad or light protein based food at least three to four hours before your bedtime. It is also advisable to sleep earlier and get a good eight hours of rest. Being in your teens, you are bound to snack a lot and eat a lot of junk food but you have to cut back on it.

Keep the caffeine at bay

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Yes, coffee could do much more harm than the good it does to you early in the morning. Coffee is known to have up to three times as much sugar content as do fruit juices. Also, coffee affects your body by decreasing its iron absorption capacity. This will not help you lose weight but will make you severely anemic. Also, do avoided carbonated sugary drinks. Your average Coke and Pepsi contain nine times as much sugar as do fruit juices. Cut back on these and you will find yourself losing weight in no time.

Raw fruit and veggies regime:

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You wouldn’t believe the good that raw fruits and vegetables could do to your body! Yes, of course your first reaction is being less than thrilled. But it doesn’t have to be bad. Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers could be eaten raw along with some pepper if you like. Also, a watermelon slice and a bunch of grapes could make a mean snack if you have an open mind. These foods will not only keep you slim, they will also keep you healthy.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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No, this is not a joke. Eating slowly could greatly influence your body weight. You need to chew your food properly before swallowing it, or else it is just going to sit around in the way. Chewing it well before swallowing could help speed the metabolism.

Don’t pop the pill!

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Teenagers are under a lot of stress and your body image is very important to you. But chemical food supplements and pills will not help you here. The side effects of these are ghastly, not to mention lethal. And what’s worse is, they could bring about hormonal changes which could help you gain those extra pounds that you are looking to shed. Many teenagers try to lose weight by externally inducing the body to vomit after a meal. There have been several cases around the world where teens have died from anorexia stemming from similar scenarios.

Indulge a little:

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Yes you heard it right. The human body is a fickle thing and the only way to keep it sated is by giving it a bit of a reward at times. For instance, a little cupcake once in three days or a chicken nugget on a Sunday afternoon won’t do you much evil as would loss of control and a food binge.