running tracks in bangalore

Top Running Tracks & Trails in Bangalore

Looking for running tracks in Bangalore, we have got it all covered for you.

Getting up and running is hard enough. But finding a good spot to run is a nearly impossible task these days. Traffic, garbage, drainage leaks and so on. The list goes on. They cause real upset to your run. One needs a fairly peaceful, adequately social and pollution free environment for an effective run.

So, today let’s discover some of the prime running tracks in Bangalore:

1. Cubbon Park

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Cuban Park

One of the most famous spot in all of Bangalore, Cubbon Park accommodates a variety of people. From runners to laughter clubs, housewives and the elderly to art installations, this place has it all. The place and the greenery just oozes positive energy that is much needed for a runner. You could do a 5 km circle around the area or go for a wider run without loops making your own trail.

It is one of the few parks in Bangalore that allow you to walk with your dog. The public water source depends on the groundwater reserve and varies in quality and quantity. Take enough water when you go there. The area around the library is a good long trail.

There is no traffic until at least 8 AM and minimal traffic on weekends. The Park is open to the public at all times but the roads around the park are closed for traffic from 5:00 to 8:00 am every day to provide more safety and fresh environment for morning walkers and exercisers.

This places just teases you to run along its roads and take in its atmosphere. Which is exactly what a place needs to do, inspire you!

2. Lalbagh

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Lalbagh

With a lake, exotic flowers, greenery, rocky terrain, a dedicated path for runners, Lalbagh is a runner’s treat. With an approx. distance of 5km around the area, this place is perfect for a run. Twice a year, there is an exotic flower show here as well.

  •  You may carry some snacks along with water bottle. Snacks and drinking water are a bit costly inside. You will definitely feel hungry as you will have to walk long distance!
  • Entrance charge is INR 20 per head and bike parking costs INR 20
  • Pay and use public toilets are available though not very clean.

The is free for joggers in the morning from 6 -9 AM and from 6 – 7 PM in the evening. At other times there is an entry fee.

The are multiple paths on which people go around for jogging. One such path goes around the Lalbagh lake. Though the path is a bit rocky and has ups and downs but it’s well maintained and you will love jogging on it. You can see exotic and beautiful birds around the lake.

3. Decathlon Trail

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Decathlon Trail

A 15km trail behind the Decathlon in Sarjapur is a trail of dreams for any runner. Minimal traffic and just all around natural plantation makes it that much perfect. The feel of running this road in the morning with the fog cooling down your skin is just sensual to say the very least.

4. Sree Kanteevara Stadium

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Sree Kanteevara Stadium

Open for the public at around 5 AM, this classic 400m track is all one would basically need for a good run. Just be running in such an arena gives you the chills. And added with the fellow runners & fitness enthusiasts and the morning atmosphere, this place does it for you.

Watching professional athletes practicing here is inspiring. Multiple coaching and training options for different sports available. This satdium served as host for the Bengaluru World 10K Open Run event.

5. Nandi Hill

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Nandi Hill

Nature delight is exactly what this place is. Nandi Hill wraps you around with nothing but pure, unending encouragement of nature. Talking about running, this place holds an approx run distance of 7kms with an elevation of 400m for that rigorous uphill training. Nature and nurture in one spot. Now that’s a perfect combo!

6. Ulsoor Lake

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Ulsoor Lake

Its located in the middle of the business district and is still an adequately peaceful location, which is exactly what makes it a great spot for a run. With a run distance of around 1.5km, this is a great place for short runs and sprints. Loops around the area and you could do much more with the track.

7. Hennur Trail

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Hennur Trail

A ride in the woods. This area adds a bit of mystery to your run, for it’s not yet completely explored. A rough 20k route is plenty enough for a good run. A run in the morning down here, who knows; maybe you’ll create a mystery story of your own.

8. GKVK Campus

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - GKVK Campus

A popular route for runner. This Campus has probably one of the largest variety of plants and animals. Talk about a connection with nature. The whole of campus is a running track with greens everywhere. Choose your route according to your workout plan, create your own path and just get going!

9. Sankey Tank

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Sankey Tank

A city favourite,. Sankey Tank has had its troubles between runners/joggers and walkers but now that it’s cleared up, it’s back again as one of the best places for a run. With a circumference of approx 2.5kms, Sankey Tank is a fantastic place for a good days run. In addition, you’ll get to meet a many other runners too making it a good social spot for runners.

10. Agara Lake

Beautiful Running Tracks in Bangalore - Agara Lake

Once a popular spot for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike, due to lack of attention and maintenance, it became a dirty area. But now with the awareness created by the HSR 10K Freedom Run in 2013, the lake is now restored and runners and walkers enjoy the place to what it was back then.

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