8 Myths About Nutrition That You Need to Stop Believing Now

Your good old friend Facebook might have told you some good or bad facts about the food you are eating but can you believe them all? But we are here to break some popular food myths you have been hearing around. Find below 8 most popular food myths about your daily nutritional intake.

Most Popular food myths

Myth 1: Spinach is the Richest Source of Iron.

Popular food myths - Spinach

Eat spinach, you will become strong like Popeye. This is something we heard since childhood, Right? But surprisingly, the very famous cashews (kaaju) are 3 times richer in iron in comparison to spinach. You can also consume cashew nut milk (hot/cold) which helps in providing a sound sleep. Didn’t know that, right? Go on for more popular food myths.


Myth 2: No Desi Tadka = Helps in Weight Loss.

Popular food myths - Indian spices

The haldi (turmeric), cumin (jeera) or hing (asafoetida) helps in digestion, memory sharpening, anti – ageing and lastly these help in cancer prevention. Still want to avoid that tadka!


Myth 3: No Fruit After Sunset?

Popular food myths - Indian spices

Just because some random aunty said this, you don’t need to believe it. You can have fruit after sunset but just remember to consume it 2 hours after your meal neither with it nor immediately after the meal, otherwise it will rise your blood sugar levels and eventually make it store as fat.


Myth 4: Salt Is Bad For You

Popular food myths - Indian spices

No, it’s not – if you limit your salt intake. Having a balanced salt level in your diet allows your body to stop retaining sodium. Moreover, salt is just like any other mineral that your body requires in order to stay healthy.


MYTH 5: Fruit is a Healthy Snack That Won’t Make You Fat

Popular food myths - Indian spices

Humans eat food because it gives us nutrients and fuel, but any kind of food, no matter how healthy, can make you gain weight. Fruit has a lot of easily accessible carbs. When you provide your body with easily accessible carbs, you’re basically telling it to stop burning body fat for fuel.

Sounds like magic right, but what it does to your body is giving you big stretch marks and fatigue. The drop in weight is not reduction in body fat but also loss of all the important water. So don’t believe in everything you read on a random Facebook post.


MYTH 6: Soy Is The Only Protein You Can Use If You Are A Vegetarian

Popular food myths - Indian spices

Soy isn’t the only option. You can have rice protein, hemp protein, and pea protein, chia, poppy and sesame seeds, quinoa, beans and lastly leafy vegetables. There are plenty of options. So don’t limit to just soy and its products.


Myth 7: Use Olive Oil for Cooking

Ever wondered while buying oil in supermarket, why every company is making olive oil and why is it 20 times expensive from normal cooking oil. The olive oil is good in a little amount when you’re eating in a café or in a fancy hotel but not every time you cook your little dal or sabzi. You can instead use peanut oil, rice bran oil and soybean oil, which are actually best for us. Here are some tips and recipes for healthy diet


Myth 8: Ditch all the carbs, when on diet?

Popular food myths - Indian spices

Carbohydrates are the nutrients which gives us energy to perform all the work. They not only help us to enhance our mood but also are also important for the metabolism of fats. Don’t fear from the carbs, because the body just cannot think without it. So kindly, brush this big fallacy. Carbs are just not present in bread and noodles but it is also present in whole wheat, upma, poha, all lentils, oats, barley and sweet potatoes. What matters is actually the portion size and the combination you make while eating carbs.


Some quick solutions, because everyone likes little Happiness.

  1. Opt for healthy breakfast options like – poha, besan chilla, dalia, idli sambhar with chutney, dry missi parantha. Moreover, avoid those big ready-made cereal boxes, I call them hoax foods. Here are a few tips on which food to avoid for weight loss
  2. For fillers – small fistful of Chana , ½ bowl of sprout salad , popcorn with butter , open sandwich with roasted vegetables , dahi / curd  and no need to buy fancy yoghurts.
  3. Exercise is a must, do it at least for 30 minutes – MOVE YOUR BODY TO HAVE THE BODY YOU LONG FOR, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!!
  4. PRE AND POST workout, don’t ditch nutritious food because it’s important to move those scales.

Lastly WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT A MAGIC, the magic is in us!! YES YOU, READING THIS and thinking about your body, just remember it took you some years to gain that much, so SHOW SOME PATIENCE on your own body to shed those kilos too.

Be happy and stay fit and don’t forget to follow Fitso, the one platform where you don’t need to be shy because of those kilos. We don’t judge but we provide happiness in your lives and smile on those sad faces.