Weight Loss Tips

10 Daily Habits To Lose Weight

Losing weight is a super inspirational feeling by getting motivated of your hard work paying off. But losing weight is not enough maintaining the lost weight is too important. “Practice Habits Until They Become Lifestyle”. Behind every weight loss effort is a story of making some changes in daily habits. Small and easy changes can help getting fit and losing weight.

There are lots of capsules and medicines claiming permanent weight loss. But these short-cuts are not healthy and are short-lived. Consequently adding the weight again after some time. So losing weight in a healthy way is much beneficial and perennial.

Daily Habits

No Sugar and Starches


Sugar and starches (rice potatoes) are the foods that stores insulin to the most in the body. Insulin the main fat storage hormone in the body. When the insulin storage is stopped, the fat easily comes down and body starts burning fats instead of carbs. Lowering down insulin helps the kidneys to shed water from the body out.

This way unnecessary water weight comes out from the body. By eating this way you can lose upto 10 pounds or more of fat and water weight from the body in the first week of this eating habit.

Go For Walnuts


Fats can be both good and bad depending upon your choice of intake. Saturated fats can bring up your waist size while increased input of unsaturated fat can help to reduce your abs size. Saturated fats like baked foods and read meat are a much no path for you. However, unsaturated fats activate the energy that trim down fat accumulation and enhance your insulin metabolism. So three walnuts around 13 grams each ounce is the perfect daily habit for your weight loss.

Opt For Green Tea

Green Tea - Weight Loss Tips

Green tea is a definite and natural weight loss solution. Having 4-5 cups of coffee in a daily no doubt enhances taste but add on to your belly fat also. Instead, having daily habit of 4-5 cups of green tea consumption combined with 30-minute exercise session helps you lose 2 pounds in a week. Green-Tea contains chemical compound called catechins that blast the fat cells especially from belly which makes it waste friendly. This further speed ups in burning liver fat.

Sprinkle Black Pepper On Your Meal

Black Pepper: Weight Loss Tips

Pepper is an effective fat blasting compound. Peppercontains the abilities to decrease the formulation of new fat cells and existent fat storage. Sprinkle some amount of pepper on your meal and you will see the results of decrease in body fat and waist size. You can use Piperine a powerful category in black pepper to get effective upshots. More pepper and weight loss. But make sure to have it according to your taste and appetite.

Fats and Calories Combustion


For weight reduction burning fats and calories through physical activity is the most essential daily habit. Any physical activity even long walk can work. It’s important to burn calories that you are eating else you can’t lose weight. If you can’t exercise then walk but not just walking around shops. You have to do brisk walk, running, jogging, swimming, gym work out which so ever you feel comfortable. You should be sweating. You should feel hard to breathe. Start with 5 mins, 10 mins and go on increasing till your body picks up the routine.

Do the exercise effortlessly at threshold till it becomes a habit. You will see the craved results eventually. Even 10 minutes of cardio workout or yoga gets your body moving which will reap you the benefits and powering metabolism. More determination more leads.

Eat Vegetables and Skip Carbs

Vegetable: Weight Loss Tips

Draw a habit of eating lots of vegetables rather than lots of carbs. When you are eating vegetables replace white rice with brown rice and wheat bread with white bread. This will surely help if you want to lose weight quickly. Even try to cut down white bread from your meal to see the difference. For this replacement add oatmeal in your diet for fruitful outcome.

Get Moving Stand Up More

Take Stairs: Weight Loss Tips

A weight loss secret or mantra is don’t sit all the time, eat less and move more. On the move here doesn’t mean workouts walking, exercise or gyming. But embracing a habit of not sitting all the day at one place. You can initiate with talking stairs instead of lifts, small sit stand movements to switch things up and burn down your calories at the maximum. This imparts activeness in your physique certainly.

Warm Water With Lemon and Honey

Warm Water, lemon and Honey - Weight Loss Tips

This one is the great weight loss habit to sweep up. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a spoon of honey and half size lemon squeezed in the morning empty stomach.

Drink Enough Water

Drin Water: Weight Loss Tips

Drinking enough water has proven a weight loss curative to many. People who drink eight to nine glasses of water a day drop down weight faster than less water drinking counterparts. Regular intake of this much quantity of water reaps the benefits of healthy digestion and controls your calorie accession.

Plate of Salad

Have salad: Weight Loss Tip

Hit a rule to eat a plate of salad daily like apples, berry, grapes, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, peaches etc. You should make compulsion that your meal isn’t over until you finish the plate. The salads are healthy intake which makes your stomach full replacing hunger for high calorie foods. Thus making a space for weight loss.

Proper Sleep

Sleep: Weight Loss Tips

Taking proper sleep is much essential for body fitness. Sleep balances hormones in the body which control the hunger in the body. Improper sleep leads to lack of energy and fatigue making it hard for the body to concentrate on staying healthy throughout the day. Also, the brain has to struggle with false hunger signals at times. To remain fresh and adhere to the morning body work out, sleep is the central important part of your weight loss transition. Make certain to take a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

Bottom line

Prefer nutritional and low-calorie foods like sprouts, Dalia, chapati boiled potatoes.  Avoid rich calorie and mouth-watering foods like potato, rice, butter cheese, chocolate pastries aerated drinks (cold drinks) , potatoes chips, mangoes, banana etc. Add soups in your diet with some spices if you feel fed up or weary .

This is a fact that we can’t resist the temptation to yummy and tasty dishes . But they add only calories and weight gain. Also, delicious foods  satisfy our tongue only and spoil weight loss goal.

Generate a willpower and restriction by just focusing on your goal of losing weight. Treat high-calorie food as diamonds that you can’t buy every day. You are not allowed to eat junk foods and rich calorie foods. It doesn’t mean you should do starving but stick to low-fat foods.

Fix up dinner less in size as compared to lunch. Because few hours after dinner, the body is going to take rest adding weight depending on food intake. However, after lunch session body takes movement small or big.


By abiding daily weight loss rules you can also give a treat to yourself once in a week. But only if you continue burning  calories and no exercise skipping. This will surely boost your motivation and will serve as a reward for your sweat and hard work.

 Some useful  tricks to follow

  • No sugar rice and alcohol.
  • Be mindful of your diet. Keep a track of what you eat. Notice your eating.
  • Don’t sit at one place for more than one hour. By doing this you are inviting lethargy and eluding activeness.
  • Drink Green Tea – settled solution to weight loss.
  • Replace red meat with chicken strictly if you are a non-vegan eater.