Women weight loss mistake

10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Good nutrition is an essential part of a fit body, but crash dieting for quick weight loss can be difficult to master. We are all susceptible to the lure of a quick fix or thinking there is a magic potion to achieve ultimate weight-loss success. But this mindset often leads to mistakes that eventually get in the way of the long-term weight loss plan most teenage girls try to achieve. Your wish list of attaining ideal body weight may not come true if you’re making one of these dieting mistakes!

Skipping Breakfast

Weight Loss Mistakes of Women

Breakfast is perceived as the most important and healthiest meal of the day. If you think you can break the fast with just a glass of juice, you better think twice. You can not let your body work for you the entire day this ways. Breakfast kick starts the metabolism of the body by providing adequate fuel for it to run. Eating breakfast like a king is an essential key for a healthy mind and body.

Avoiding fat:

Weight loss mistakes for women - fat

‘Low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ diet will not solve the purpose of weight loss. In Fact it leads to an addition of stress as the body does not feel satiated. Fat from sources like olive oil, nuts and avocado not only fulfils the appetite of the body, but also helps in transporting antioxidants like Vitamin A and E to the body. Moderate fats intake as per daily needs is essential.

Give a miss of nutrients:

Nutrients - weight loss mistakes for female

When you go on a fad diet and exclude necessary nutrients, you’re putting yourself at risk of becoming ill. Getting too less or too much nutrient may not cause an immediate problem, but if it’s lacking for long time, it may lead to health problems and deterioration of proper working of the body. Just as a car needs gasoline to run, our body needs proper diet to function, That means eating correct proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals holds the key for maintaining the body’s engine with a high average.

East v/s West:

Roti and Dal

As Indians, we do not need to be copycats. Blindly following a diet just because it is of a different culture doesn’t mean it is low in calories and will help in weight loss. There is nothing more healthy than the native diets full of seasonal and fresh produce.

In-proportionate portions of food groups:

Portion size - worst weight loss mistakes for women

What you put on your plate is important, but healthy eating is also about being mindful of how much you consume. What most of us are made to do is, eat a plateful of fruits, salads and nuts all through the day and keeping cereals, pulses and milk at bay. Remember, all food groups are healthy and all food groups need to be taken during the day. The proportion of cereal and pulses can be high during breakfast and low during dinner. Fruits, vegetables and nuts consumption should increase as the clock ticks towards night time. Drinking two glasses of milk per day is important, be it any age group. So weight loss is not about eating healthy, but also managing and keeping the portion size in check.

Not Yolking:

Weight loss mistakes for women
Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao Ande. For all those who eat eggs, do not discard the silky golden yolk, as it is the storehouse of Vitamin D and Iron. Incorporate one egg every alternate day in your diet. This complete protein fulfills the daily needs in a diet like no other protein rich food.

You Avoid Fruit, Because it’s “High in Sugar”:

Weight loss Mistake for Women

Saying “No, thanks” to that apple and banana is a huge mistake. “Potassium, found in high amounts in fruits and vegetables, helps to naturally de-bloat the body. Also, the sugar found in whole fruits acts differently in the body than added sugars. Bananas, often cited as being ‘high in sugar’, are very high in potassium and definitely contribute to de-bloating and a flat belly.

You Still don’t have your “Water Bottle” by your side:

Carry Water bottle - Weight loss mistakes for women

Many women can go all day without a water bottle by their side. And seriously, how many times do you need to be told to drink eight glasses of water each day? Not drinking enough water can have a negative impact on the metabolism as well as your appetite. And who doesn’t want a glowing skin these days. Girls, it’s right here, the secret to healthy and radiant skin.

You Blend Up A “Healthy Drink” as a Meal Replacement:

Sports drink - Weight loss mistake for women

Admit it. We all, atleast for once, have skipped our meals for the new-in-trend healthy drinks. Although these drinks are nutritious, but they shouldn’t be a meal replacement! So next time you think of replacing your meal with any of these drinks, try having them in between the meals. With this, you will tend to eat moderately, because your stomach will eventually feel full after that deliciously wholesome glass of smoothie.

Cutting out all snacks can help you lose weight:

Keep away from snacks

Snacking isn’t the problem when trying to lose weight. It’s the type of snack. Many of us need a snack in-between meals to maintain energy levels, especially if we have an active lifestyle. Choosing fruits or roasted nuts instead of chips, chocolates and other snacks that are high in calories, salt and fat can be a better option.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So  for all those who are going to follow these tips, make sure you also include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine as well. This will reinforce the health quotient already achieved by a proper diet.

‘Crash the crash dieting and Eat Healthy’

(Special Credit: Prof Kalyani Singh, Punjab University)