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10 Best Zumba Classes in Bangalore: Easy Way to Get Rid of Extra Fat

Zumba is a form of dance which helps in burning the excess fat and calories present in one’s body. This is basically a dance for fitness. People who are a fitness freak and at the same time loves to dance join Zumba class. One can burn at least 600 to 1000 calories if one attends Zumba class on a regular basis. The concept of workout has changed a lot as workout does not always have to be strength training, free hand or yoga. Zumba is such a dance form which gives the privilege to workout, dance and enjoy the music as well. The type of music attached to it is so fast and upbeat that one cannot resist from moving their body.

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 Why Zumba for the workout?

Zumba helps in burning a lot of calorie through aerobic activity involved at regular interval included within the dance. The Zumba dances are choreographed in such a way that it keeps pace with the dance, music, and movements. It helps in body co-ordination which helps when one grows older. Zumba dance involves full body movement, movement of all the muscles and joints and improves the body movement in a large way. Zumba helps a lot in heart diseases. Zumba is a form of dance and a form of workout which will never let anyone get bored of which normal workout may be successful at.

zumba benefits: Zumba class in bangalore

Like all other cities, zumba classes in Bangalore have become very common and many people from different age group are joining the class in order to keep themselves fit and fresh. The top 10 Zumba classes in Bangalore are listed for reference.

Top 10 Zumba classes in Bangalore

  1. Arts Village

Arts Village zumba class in bangalore

The usual batch size consists of 12 members. This is a wooden floor dance class. The rate is very reasonable and for a trial dance class, they charge Rs.500. Zumba Class are conducted by very talented teachers and they impart the training to all age groups.

Location: Ashok Nagar, Shanthala Nagar, Bangalore

Fees: 1500 INR


2. CK’s Dance Crew

ck dance crew zumba class in bangalore

Professionally trained teachers conduct the Zumba Dance classes thrice a week. The trainers of CK’s Zumba dance class guarantees result to each and every student and they take care that they achieve it. This is a bit expensive Zumba Training and workout center. This institute is conducting the Zumba classes in Bangalore for last 10 years.

Location: Urban Bangalore

Fees: 10000 INR

3. Uday Gowda

They are imparting Zumba training and workout for last 7 years in Bangalore. All professionally trained people are imparting the training to all the students. The class is conducted thrice a week. More than 2000 students are attending the Uday Gowda Zumba class.

Location: Gandhinagar, Bangalore

Fees: 10000 INR

4. Passion up Dance Crew

passion up zumba dance class

The trainers of this dance class are specialized in Zumba and they take care of their student very well.

Location: Neelasandra, Bangalore

Fees: 2500 INR for 12 sessions.

5. Snap Fitness

snap fitness zumba dance class

They are specialized in Zumba Dance in Bangalore and they are imparting the Zumba dance training to the students for last 5 to 6 years. Their success rate is very high than others.  All the trainers who conduct the classes are professionally trained in Zumba.

Location: Pulikeshi Nagar, Bangalore

Fees: 2500 INR for 12 sessions.

6. Fitness DE Royale

fitness de royale zumba dance class

This Zumba Dance academy is located at Frazer Town Bangalore. Zumba training is imparted by highly professional Zumba Training teachers.

Location: Frazer Town, Bangalore

Fees: 6000 INR


7. Dance Arts Academy

Dance arts zumba dance class

The trainers in this Zumba classes in Bangalore is specialised in Zumba dances. People of all ages are trained here.

Location: Basavanaguri, Bangalore

Fees: 1500 INR

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheDanceArtsAcademy

8. Stepperz

stepperz zumba dance class

More than 30 professional trained teachers in Zumba train in this academy and more than 1500 students are trained here.

Location: Sada Shivanagar, Bangalore

Fees: 3500 INR

Website: www.stepperz.com

9. Fitness Fuel

fitness fuel zumba dance class

More than 15 trainers train the students who belong to all age group. The Zumba Classes conducted here makes sure that they bring the desired results for each and every student.

Location: Netkalappa Circle, Subram Chetty Road, Basavanagudi

Fees: 2500 INR

10. Bharath

bharath zumba dance class

They are one of the best Zumba class in Bangalore which brings out the desired result within a month. They have more than 1000 students.

Location: Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

Fees: 2500 INR