Benefits of swimming

10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is one of those few sports that is just perfectly a complete exercise and is suitable for people of almost all age groups. If you are 9 or you are 90 swimming benefits you in all ages. One of the best thing about swimming is that it does not require any extra gadgets and you really do not have to put extreme efforts to get the benefits from swimming, unlike other sports. Say, if you are running for 5 minutes a day that really won’t benefit you much because to get the benefit of running you need to at least put more time and effort. But with swimming even if you devote 5 minutes a day you can benefit out of it. Along with the many visible benefits of swimming, there are certain hidden benefits of swimming that will shock you.

  • Swimming develops the entire muscle built of our body

Unlike other sports, swimming helps to develop the muscle built of the whole body. Unlike any other sports that only strengthen a particular muscle of the body, swimming helps to develop the muscle built of the entire body. In case of running a runner can enhance the strength and muscle for only the legs but a swimmer needs to engage the hands, legs, the hips, and the neck area and therefore each and every area gets equal exercise and hence develops. It is a complete exercise for the whole body. A swimmer does not need to engage in other activities for developing the body.

  • Increase the bone mass

Did you know that swimming also enhances the bone mass? In a journal of Applied physiology, a research showed that swimming along with other weight lifting exercises helps to increase the bone mass of the body. Although further research is required in the field it is an evident fact that swimming enhances the bone mass but to an extent is what needs a detailed research.

  • Swimming help kids grow more active and smarter adults

Swimming involves the activity of all the muscles and body and helps to enhance strength, flexibility and endurance capacity in a kid which in turn helps the kids to grow up as active and fitter adult. One of the most remarkable things worth a mention is the fact that swimming helps to control obesity in kids. As evident kids are more prone to obesity because of their high craving for junk foods but swimming benefits in controlling obesity and allows a kid to have fun and eat his heart out when swimming takes care of the problem of obesity.

  • Swimming is a savior for aging

One of the most prominent benefits of swimming is anti- aging. Yes, swimming helps in reducing your pace towards aging and when you swim a little daily. It helps to control all major age problems like high bold pressure, etc. and helps in maintaining balance and strength in the aging people. Joint inflammation is also checked and hence when you swim the impact of the sports on your body is low and hence it is a relaxing exercise for your body when you are aging.

  • Swimming helps fighting depression and reduces stress

Hippocampal neurogenesis is a process by which it is now proved that swimming benefits in reducing stress. A research proved that people who engage in swimming activities are less prone to get highly effected by stress. Even after a bad day a little dip into the pool and be a lot of relaxation.

Coming to depression swimming has the effects similar to that of a yoga and hence if you cannot exert enough time for going or joining yoga classes then you can swim. But the question arises is how can swimming help fighting depression? The activity of the swimming is relaxing and helps reducing depression naturally. The concentrative factor involved in the sport helps in reducing depression as a natural process. Therefore, depressed, take a dip!

  • Swimming acts as a natural skin beautifier when done in salt water

One of the biggest benefits of swimming for ladies out there is that if you can afford swimming in the ocean or salt water for that matter can help you to naturally beautify the skin. The salt water has various benefits in it and when you swim in there it is a combination pack of health treatment plus beauty treatment together.

  • Swimming is beneficial for Asthma

If you are suffering from asthma and is therefore unable to exercise well because of the problem of breathlessness then swimming is the perfect exercise for you. The main problem associated with asthma patients is that they find it difficult to breathe in dry air and hence exercising and the gym is not really the option for them. But swimming allows to breathe moist air and hence asthma patients can take this exercise very smoothly. With regular swimming the asthma patients and develop the lung capacity and enough lung power to take up dry exercise as well and hence this is proved that swimming benefits the healing of asthma.

  • Swimming is good in making you smarter and confident

It is seen from a study that swimming helps to build confidence in people who regularly devote a little time for the sport. A swimmer is way smarter and confident compared to a non-swimmer person. Because under water confidence is shown up out of water and therefore it can be said that swimming benefits in personality development.

  • Swimming burns more calories

When compared to other physically demanding sports, it is seen that swimming burns more calories comparatively. Therefore the benefits of swimming are also associated with calorie burning.

  • Swimming enhances your life span

A regular swimmer has more life longer than a non-swimmer because of the several health benefits associated. A swimmer has a longer life than any other sportsman.

If you are feeling charged up reading this, throw yourself into the pool and enjoy a long healthy life.

Benefits of swimming

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