adventure places in Mumbai

Top 10 Adventure Sports in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the attractions of the India. There are so many sports activities held in Mumbai to make your holidays more beautiful and cherish able. This is the top most destination which attracts people from far and wide places. Every place of Mumbai has some special sports or activity. Let it be tracking or thrilling rafting, you will experience the best time of your life. Many people are fond of doing sports activity in their vacation time. For them, there are so many places where you can enjoy and play out your favourite sports.

Top 10 adventure places in Mumbai and associated sports

  1. Kayaking in Mumbai

kayaking mandwa: adventure sports in mumbai

You can enjoy the waves of the azure water of the Arabian Sea and explore more kayaks. You can experience the enjoyment which comes by rowing the kayaks in the region around Chowpatty in Mumbai. This one hour of rowing will take your enjoyment to the next level and make you discover the best sports in the city of dreams. You can also continue with the 5 different sessions at the extra cost. It feels so special while discovering the charming nature of the Mumbai and Arabian Sea during the sports of kayaking.

Cost –INR 900

2. Water Adventure activities in kolad

River Rafting kolad: adventure places in mumbai

The most interesting water fun activity is in kolad which is situated on the Kundalika River which is around 121 km from Mumbai. This is one of the adventure places in Mumbai. The water is coming from the mountains of Sahyadris which makes it an accomplished water adventure.

Cost – INR 1600

3. Paragliding in kamshet

paragliding in kamshet

It is just 45 km from Pune and you can enjoy the best natural beauty of the western Ghats. While paragliding, you can enjoy the wings which are given to your dreams in Kamshet. This can give you the similar feeling which you get on the flight. In short, it can make you fly in the air having wings and explore the entire beauty. All this can be done in just 15 minutes.

Cost- INR 2800

4. Waterfall Rappelling and phenomenal trekking in Khopoli

waterfall rappelling

This is one the breathtaking activities which happen in the region of Maharashtra so embrace you with a brave heart and get ready for the waterfall rappelling. This is going to be the thrilling activity of your life and you will never forget such kind of experience. You will do this adventurous activity at the true beauty of cascade.

Cost- INR 1800

5. Cycling and trekking to Rajmachi Fort

Cycling and trekking to Rajmachi Fort

The excellence of the Sahyadri ranges will make you tempt for the Rajmachi trek that too for the Fort which altogether makes an exceptional feature in Maharashtra. Because of its eternal love and natural beauty, it is no big surprise that it can attract many trekking lovers and make their experience much effective.

Cost- INR 2400

6. Group fun in Maval

Group fun in Maval

This amazing camp will be organised in the region close to the lake in the region Kamshet on the old Mumbai- Pune Highway. It is one of the famous adventure places in Mumbai. Here at the Takve Lake, the activities are done in the groups to increase the fun. The packages available for the group fun can be of two times like overnight stay and day out which is perfect for 6 people.

Cost- INR 1150

7. Amazing Scuba diving in Malvan

Amazing Scuba diving in Malvan

This activity can be performed within 2 days in which you can uncover the stunning and beautiful experience of the underwater world. The underwater world is very different from the normal world. There are so many underwater creatures that will make you amazed by the astonishing features. In short, you can roam a different world in just 2 days.

Cost- INR 8250

8. Exceptional rafting in Kundalika river

Exceptional rafting in Kundalika river

Is it necessary to have a beautiful place or a big place to enjoy the rafting? Most probably no, you haven’t seen the beautiful small village namely Saje which is located on the banks of the River Kundalika. It is a beautiful place for the perfect river rafting and it is just a 120 km ride from Mumbai and 100 km ride from Pune. This particular activity doesn’t need any swimming experience and you can just apply for it if you are above 14 years old. It’s time to thrill yourself with the noteworthy experience.

Cost- INR 1000

9. Paramotoring flight

Paramotoring flight

You will definitely get the 10 minutes pure fun while doing para motoring. The thrilling experience which you get during the para motoring is the best thing. It comes in the best adventure sports in Mumbai. In this activity, the paramotor will allow you to take several spins so that you can enjoy every moment.

Cost- INR 2500

10. Snorkeling in Malvan

Snorkeling in Malvan: adventure places in mumbai

Another sports activity in the malvan is well-known snorkeling. It is related to the swimming practice at the surface of the water. The diver will be provided with the diving mask and snorkel. This can be used to observe the underwater life creatures and you can get observe sea urchins and starfishes also. It gives an amazing experience to you as a world under water is just so different.

Cost- INR 2200