Why is there a Dearth of Swimming Facilities in Delhi?

Talent succeeds only when given the right kind of environment to grow and nurture. This applies to all careers and swimming is a field which is not left as an exception. Having said this, Delhi, the Capital of India itself faces reducing the number of heated pools. What’s more depressing is that there is no […]

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How to Increase Running Speed

How to Increase Running Speed

Running is alone the time for your brain to unwind the tangles of everyday life”. This form of exercise not only helps your body to stay fit overall, but it also helps your mind and body to run together in sync. Running is considered to be the most effective physical exercise. Once you start running, […]

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Top 10 Acclaimed Indian Swimmers

indian swimmers

Since the year 1896, Swimming is one of the primary five unique games to have been included in every release of the present day Olympics. Offering the second most significant number of opportunities after Athletics, Indian swimmers have bagged many records in both male and female categories. The integral governing apex for promotion and administration of […]

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10 Effective Cycling Tips to Lose Weight

Cycling for weight loss

For the normal functioning of the body and to keep yourself fit and healthy being physically active is very important. Regular physical activity keeps diseases such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac diseases, mental illness and even cancer at bay. Daily 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is enough to achieve long-term health goals but […]

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A Nutrionist Speaks: How to Deal with Toxic Smog?

Dealing with Delhi Smog

The levels of the deadliest, tiny particulate matter known as PM 2.5, which lodge deep in a person’s lungs, soared on Tuesday to 726, according to a U.S. embassy monitor. The situation is not expected to improve anytime soon. World Health Organization guidelines suggest exposure to levels of about 10, while anything less than 50 is […]

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Top 10 Heated Swimming Pools in Delhi

heated swimming pool in Delhi NCR

If you love swimming, well we have a good news for you. We have listed the finest heated pools in Delhi NCR. Now you can continue your swimming classes even in winter. Swimming classes in winter come with an added advantage for learning because pools are less crowded and also, swimming in warm has been […]

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Should You Drink Coffee During Exam?

A Shortcut for Healthy Life

Most of us have used coffee for our late night studies. In my college hostel, where I didn’t have access to coffee, I used to keep Redbull, which is certainly worst. While coffee boosts your performance and alertness in short term, it negatively affects the performance in the exam and your health. It’s worse for people […]

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Sankalp Jain’s Run from Mediocrity to Marvel

sankalp jain running journey with fitso review, feedback

What started off as a random shot in the dark casual experience, proved to be the turning point of Sankalp Jain’s life. Going from a normal everyday office worker to a proper marathon runner. This is Sankalp’s success story about how he became a runner. Here’s what we learned in an interview with him. How […]

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Top 10 Running Coaches in Delhi/NCR

top running coaches delhi ncr

“There’s one person apart from you, who can make a huge difference to your fitness. It’s a coach” Coaches are trained and experienced in helping runners figure out exactly how to meet their fitness objectives. Any runner who has a specific goal can benefit from a coach—whether that’s a time goal, qualifying for a marathon, […]

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From Marathon To Ironman: Expert Advice

If you’re a marathoner, you know that running 26.2 miles is not for the weak and undisciplined. But what you may not know is how close you are to becoming an IRONMAN triathlete. Yes, you read that right. If you are a marathon runner who is feeling ready to expand your accumulated fitness, an IRONMAN […]

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Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 – Final Preparation

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 training

Credit – Sports Photography in India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_41ULind8VY With Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 on the horizon, read Saurabh Agarwal’s tips for the final weeks of training to make sure you stand on the start line on 19 November in peak fitness. Saurabh is an Ultrarunner and Ironman finisher. We have tried to answer your every possible question […]

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Strengthening Mental Health with Swimming

swimming improves mental health

Understanding Mental Health Holistically Mental stress can be due to work, education, money problems, or relationship issues. These things can further cause depression and anxiety. As you grow older and get into your routine life, your mental health tends to take a backseat. Mental health can be understood as two terms, one is mental wellbeing […]

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A Revolution to Make India Swimming Literate

make india swimming literate

It is time we stop being obsessed only over popular sports such as Cricket and understand the significance of all sports. Swimming is one such under-appreciated sport. It is not the lack of talent but the lack of technology, infrastructure and other facilities to give the most optimal coaching environment for all swimming talents in […]

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Best Way to Prevent Yourself from Smog?

Smog busted! Smog is not a hidden notion. Or rather it is everywhere! Smog, the combination of the words – Smoke and Fog is a severe kind of Air pollutant. The term was coined way back in the early 20th century because of its opacity, and odour.     In the early 1900’s, the combination […]

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Most acclaimed Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal One of the “Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sandeep Sejwal”, is a young and talented Indian swimmer born on 23rd January 1989. He has contested in various swimming events, few of which include the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events. He has also participated in the 2010 Asian Juniors that […]

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India’s Michael Phelps & Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash India has given the best quality of athletes to the entire world. Now when talking about the sports field of Swimming there is a vast variety of swimmers available in Indian territory. Let’s get a dive into the insight of the Fastest Indian Swimmer: Sajan Prakash. As the 2018 Asian […]

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Asian Games 2018 : Acclaimed Swimmers to represent INDIA

“India has given the finest athletes to the world”. To justify this statement we have a list of athletes who are one of the finest Indian swimmers in Asian Games 2018. Indian Swimmers in Asian Games 2018 1. Virdhawal Khade Virdhawal Vikram Khade is the youngest swimmer to represent India in the Olympic Games. Virdhawal, […]

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Can Sushant Singh Rajput really be IRONMAN?

Sushant Singh Rajput Ironman Training

This is being the talk of the industry! Can he really make it? Let’s see what is he up to! Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the most unconventional stars in Bollywood in today’s time. With eclectic choices in films from M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story to Detective Byomkesh Bakshy to Raabta, he has tried […]

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All you need to know about Swimming Pool Water!

Best way to beat the heat in summer is jumping into a swimming pool, isn’t it? This is true till you go unprotected in the pool and come back and check yourself in the mirror. You can save yourself from this if you go completely pool ready especially in terms of protecting yourself from the […]

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Yoga Poses for Swimmers

asana for swimmers

Yoga and swimming are two powerful workout regimens that complement each other. Both these fitness forms allow you to experience your inner self completely. The sole difference – you swim in water and practice yoga on land! Practicing yoga can prove to be beneficial for professional swimmers and for those who take up the sport […]

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Overcoming fears of swimming

fears of swimming

Fear is natural but you should be able to overcome those fears. Many people fear water but is aqua phobia keeping you from taking a dip in the pool? If yes, this article is for you. We will together learn to fight the fears of swimming. Causes of Aquaphobia It often exists as an instinctive […]

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Sharath Gayakwad: Changing Definitions of Disabled

Sharath gayakwad

“Champions are not made by ability, Champions are made by something they have deep inside them – A desire. A dream. A vision.” Justifying this quote is Sharath Gayakwad, an Indian Paralympic Swimmer and Arjuna Awardee from Bangalore. Born with a deformed left hand, he was the first Indian swimmer to qualify for the 2012 […]

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