Think Our Membership Plans Are Too Expensive? Think Again!

swimming membership

So How did we come up with these numbers? Fitso Reminder Plans Justify through Value One Big Happy Community   First, a quick reminder! As you already might know, we at Fitso are trying to bring about positive change & impact in the swimming space (since late 2017). We’ve been at it for almost a […]

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Why is there a Dearth of Swimming Facilities in Delhi?

Talent succeeds only when given the right kind of environment to grow and nurture. This applies to all careers and swimming is a field which is not left as an exception. Having said this, Delhi, the Capital of India itself faces reducing the number of heated pools. What’s more depressing is that there is no […]

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How to Increase Running Speed

How to Increase Running Speed

Running is alone the time for your brain to unwind the tangles of everyday life”. This form of exercise not only helps your body to stay fit overall, but it also helps your mind and body to run together in sync. Running is considered to be the most effective physical exercise. Once you start running, […]

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Top 10 Acclaimed Indian Swimmers

indian swimmers

Since the year 1896, Swimming is one of the primary five unique games to have been included in every release of the present day Olympics. Offering the second most significant number of opportunities after Athletics, Indian swimmers have bagged many records in both male and female categories. The integral governing apex for promotion and administration of […]

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10 Effective Cycling Tips to Lose Weight

Cycling for weight loss

For the normal functioning of the body and to keep yourself fit and healthy being physically active is very important. Regular physical activity keeps diseases such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac diseases, mental illness and even cancer at bay. Daily 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise is enough to achieve long-term health goals but […]

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A Nutrionist Speaks: How to Deal with Toxic Smog?

Dealing with Delhi Smog

The levels of the deadliest, tiny particulate matter known as PM 2.5, which lodge deep in a person’s lungs, soared on Tuesday to 726, according to a U.S. embassy monitor. The situation is not expected to improve anytime soon. World Health Organization guidelines suggest exposure to levels of about 10, while anything less than 50 is […]

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Top 10 Heated Swimming Pools in Delhi

heated pools in Delhi

If you love swimming, well we have a piece of good news for you. We have listed the finest heated pools in Delhi NCR. Now you can continue your swimming classes even in winter. Swimming classes in winter come with an added advantage for learning because pools are less crowded and also, swimming in warm […]

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Should You Drink Coffee During Exam?

A Shortcut for Healthy Life

Most of us have used coffee for our late night studies. In my college hostel, where I didn’t have access to coffee, I used to keep Redbull, which is certainly worst. While coffee boosts your performance and alertness in short term, it negatively affects the performance in the exam and your health. It’s worse for people […]

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Sankalp Jain’s Run from Mediocrity to Marvel

sankalp jain running journey with fitso review, feedback

What started off as a random shot in the dark casual experience, proved to be the turning point of Sankalp Jain’s life. Going from a normal everyday office worker to a proper marathon runner. This is Sankalp’s success story about how he became a runner. Here’s what we learned in an interview with him. How […]

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Top 10 Running Coaches in Delhi/NCR

top running coaches delhi ncr

“There’s one person apart from you, who can make a huge difference to your fitness. It’s a coach” Coaches are trained and experienced in helping runners figure out exactly how to meet their fitness objectives. Any runner who has a specific goal can benefit from a coach—whether that’s a time goal, qualifying for a marathon, […]

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From Marathon To Ironman: Expert Advice

If you’re a marathoner, you know that running 26.2 miles is not for the weak and undisciplined. But what you may not know is how close you are to becoming an IRONMAN triathlete. Yes, you read that right. If you are a marathon runner who is feeling ready to expand your accumulated fitness, an IRONMAN […]

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Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 – Final Preparation

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 training

Credit – Sports Photography in India With Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 on the horizon, read Saurabh Agarwal’s tips for the final weeks of training to make sure you stand on the start line on 19 November in peak fitness. Saurabh is an Ultrarunner and Ironman finisher. We have tried to answer your every possible question […]

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India Is Getting Fitter By The Day. Are You?

fit india movement

Do you know? In India, 54% of citizens are physically inactive. Further, less than 10% engage in any type of physical recreational activity. 13.5 crore Indians are burdened with obesity and 7.2 crore people are diabetic. Don’t feel surprised, these are some of the statistics recently released by the Indian Council of Medical Research. It […]

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Swimming Classes in Ghaziabad, You Should Know About!

Swimming is one of the most important physical sports that helps not only to stay fit but also to stay agile. It improves both concentration and flexibility. The best part about learning swimming is that it increases your muscle strength. It increases the heart rate and keeps the stress level down. Various strokes in swimming […]

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Top 5 Swimming Classes in Greater Noida 

swimming classes in greater noida

Physical activity is very crucial in the fast-paced lives nowadays. In order to stay fit both mentally and physically, swimming is the best physical activity to rejuvenate and feel alive. Here, we will list the best swimming classes in Greater Noida where one can opt for good exercise for kids and adults. Swimming can be […]

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Head out to these Amazing Swimming Classes in Hyderabad

swimming classes in hyderabad

Swimming is a versatile sports activity. Learning to swim at a tender age provides wondrous benefits to health and well being. Just like numerous benefits of swimming, there are multiple facets of swimming. It is not merely a recreational activity. Swimming is one of the most competitive sports, worldwide. Besides, it makes a complete workout, […]

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Self-Defence and Its Importance for All in Today’s World

importance of self defence

Self-Defense is the method by which one can protect oneself with one’s own strength. It involves various techniques but the first step towards it is Fitness. Learning self-defense through fitness is of prime importance as there are tremendous power imbalance and unsafety where we live today. This also tends to break the stereotype about women. […]

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Fitso Sports : A Revolution in The Sports World

sports academy in gurgaon

Are sports even important? This should not be a question. From early ages, Sports has contributed a lot to mankind and this society. Athletes have lower body mass indexes and have good muscle development. It also tends to burn calories. Sports activities reduce the chances of lifestyle and cardiac diseases such as diabetes and high […]

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Importance Of A Good Diet Plan

diet plan

The word diet simply means what you eat or scientifically your energy intake to be fit and healthy. Nowadays all are well known about healthy and unhealthy food items, but they don’t know about which is good for us. What should be the perfect time to eat, how much quantity to eat. We all are […]

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What Makes Swimming Better Than Gym?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about an activity to get good health? If we are not wrong, the gym would top the list, then running and maybe in sports, cricket would come in mind. But is this list the reflection of the true order of activities to […]

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6 Things You Should Avoid Doing in a Swimming Pool

swimming pool

Swimming is an activity that can be really strainful if not done right. Just like every workout, it has its own dos and don’ts. While there are obvious things to avoid in a swimming pool like peeing in it or not taking a bath before taking the plunge, there are some don’ts that don’t strike […]

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How Does Swimming Lessons Make You A Better Person In Life?

There is something magical about the watery embrace of swimming that before you know it, you are already thinking about and perceiving life in a completely different light. This is because swimming lessons teach you a lot more than just how to kick against and paddle through the water. If are a regular swimmer, you already […]

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These 7 Questions will Reveal What Kind of a Swimmer You Are!

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